Dairy Free Breakfast Ideas

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It’s so easy to make these dairy (and egg) free by replacing egg with banana and using oil instead of butter in the pan. You can also add plenty of ingredients to the top of pancakes including scrambled eggs and chopped grilled tomatoes or even grilled mushrooms in a little sauce. If you’re after a sweeter option, I like to top my son’s pancakes with whole, mashed or blended fruits and a little peanut butter too. You can always add a nice dollop of dairy-free yogurt for an extra creamy taste.
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Egg and soldiers, with a side of guacamole

Let’s face it, avocado for brekkie is a great idea – it’s tasty, with a great nutrition profile, and can be eaten as finger food slices or made into a dip! I love making guacamole and offering this on toast with some scrambled eggs, or adding an extra twist onto egg and soldiers (avocado soldiers anyone?). If you’re looking for egg free, you could always swap the egg for a dessert spoon of hummus and let your little one dip away with that.

Perfect porridge

Such an easy way to top up nutrition intakes in the morning. I add milled linseed to my son’s porridge after cooking, as well as fruits such as blueberries, blackberries (which I add during cooking) and a knob of peanut butter just as it’s cooling for an extra dose of iron and protein. To make porridge dairy free you can choose any of the ‘milk alternatives’ available on the market such as oat milk, soya milk or almond milk – avoid rice milk though as it’s not recommended for children under 5, and it’s much better to opt for the milks that aren’t sweetened. Lastly, choose milk alternatives which are fortified to ensure your little ones get some extra calcium and B vitamins (and hopefully some iodine) in their first meal of the day.

English breakfast

Why not go all out and offer your little one an English breakfast with toast, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomatoes as well as some quality grilled bacon or scrambled tofu.

Savoury porridge

There is no hard and fast rule with savoury porridge, and it’s all about experimenting with different flavourings and having the confidence that it can be done! My son loves porridge and so I have tried a carrot and apple mix with a little cinnamon and also a beetroot porridge, as there are so many beetroots popping up in the garden! Both went down a treat! Let us know if you try any at home.

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