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As a charitable organisation, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to individuals whose lives are impacted by allergic conditions. Our advocacy efforts, however, go beyond direct assistance. We strive to drive legislative, policy, and structural changes within our society, ensuring that the needs and considerations of the allergic community are adequately accommodated and addressed. Understanding the multifaceted challenges posed by allergies, we aim to be a reliable source of guidance and information for those who are responsible for devising policies that directly impact our community. Our goal is for our advocacy work to foster changes which improve the day-to-day experiences of those living with allergies across all areas of society.

We actively listen to you so we can tell healthcare professionals, policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders what changes they need to make to cultivate an environment where the needs and concerns of the allergy community are being accommodated.

We currently have two active advocacy campaigns: our election manifesto and our policy call to introduce specialist allergy nurses and dietitians within primary care. These campaigns have been informed by the insights we gained when developing the first Patient Charter for people living with allergic disease.

Our Election Manifesto and General Election Resources Hub

With the general election fast approaching, Allergy UK has developed a manifesto advocating for the needs of the allergic community which we believe outlines cost effective ways the NHS can be reformed to address the most pressing challenges affecting our community.

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Introduce Allergy Nurses At Primary Care

We’re calling for patients, friends and family of patients, clinicians, and policy makers to lend their voices and support our campaign to introduce an allergy nurse and dietitian as part of the services offered within GP practices.

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Allergy UK's Patient Charter

Allergy UK has developed a charter in collaboration with patients and clinical experts which reflects the challenges that patients face in every single aspect of their lives – from accessing high quality care, wherever they live in the UK, to feeling equal in a society that dismissed their condition and disregards their needs.

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Our Parliamentary Champions

Our parliamentary champions are Members of Parliament who have pledged to support Allergy UK’s advocacy efforts to raise awareness of the needs of the allergic community. With most advocacy campaigns, garnering support from elected officials is crucial. This endorsement helps us to amplify and give to gravitas to our voice in Parliament.

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