Parent Pathways

Supporting your child’s growing plans

The road to independence can be a vulnerable time for both a child who lives with allergies and their parents or carers. It can be associated with increased anxiety, low self-esteem and poor mental health.

It’s also a time of mixed emotion, wanting your child to have independence, but also wary about letting go and losing control. Yet, still wanting them to live a fulfilled life on their own.

Parent Pathways has been created to provide support to both parents, children and adolescents through this challenging time.  It provides information and resources to help your child gain more independence around their allergies.

Parents of a 5-11 year old

Between the ages of five and 11, your child will begin their journey of independence. They’ll grow up considerably and will gradually spend more time without your watchful eye over them, with primary school becoming a huge part of their independent world.

Parent of a 5-11 year old

Parents of a 12-17 year old

Around the age of 11, your child will start secondary school, and very soon, will officially become a teenager. During these years, it’s important to encourage them to take responsibility for their allergies and guide and support them in making safe choices.

Parent of a 12 to 17 year old

Parents of a 18-25 year old

The years that you have spent supporting your child to negotiate their early life with allergies is now coming to an end, as they enter adulthood. However, there may still be some final hurdles they will face for the first time such as leaving for university, thinking about moving out into their own home or starting work.

Parent of an 18 to 25 year old

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