Types of Allergies

The list of allergies is long, with some more common than others.  But all of them can trigger unpleasant symptoms and sometimes, a very severe reaction that will need emergency treatment. 

Hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) is probably the most well-known allergy of all.  Millions of people in the UK live with the symptoms of hay fever during the pollen seasons and these can be very unpleasant, impacting on work and social life. And this is a condition which can also trigger asthma making it more serious than many people realise. 

Almost 1 in 12 young children and 1-2% of adults in the UK suffer from a food allergy.  While some children grow out of a food allergy not all do and we know that caring for a child with a food allergy can be very worrying as they keep their children safe from eating something which could trigger a serious reaction. And living with a skin allergy like eczema (atopic dermatitis) certainly affects people’s lives, causing anxiety and depression. 

Living with any kind of allergy is challenging and can certainly impact on the quality of a person’s life.  In this section types of allergy are explained, together with information and resources to help understand and manage them. 

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