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We work with businesses and individuals across the globe to improve the lives of those living with allergic conditions.

As an individual or organisation, working with Allergy UK can be a fantastic way to support our mission ‘for everyone in the UK to take allergy seriously’ and collaborate in promoting awareness and support for individuals living with allergies, because we believe that no one should die from allergy.

Allergy awareness is crucial, as allergies can be life-threatening for many people. By working with Allergy UK, you’ll contribute to raising awareness about different types of allergies, their symptoms, and how to manage and prevent allergic reactions.

As well as helping to raise awareness, when it comes to endorsements or recommendations related to allergies, it is essential to rely on advice from reputable healthcare professionals, allergists, or organisations such as Allergy UK.

Allergy UK is involved in research and advocacy efforts to improve allergy management and access to healthcare. By being working with us, you can play a vital role in advancing research and advocating for better policies and support for allergy sufferers.

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It is important to Allergy UK that we can engage with all people that are affected by allergic disease

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