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Allergy UK works with industry and education to drive awareness and understanding of allergy and the needs of people living with allergic conditions in work, travel, hospitality, schools and other environments.

We offer support to service industries with consultation and training solutions to improve the ways in which they manage the requirements of people living with allergy.  Our Allergy Awareness Scheme has been developed to help catering establishments provide for the needs of their food allergic customers, with end to end (front of house to kitchen) training to ensure that they can cater for these customers’ needs safely. 

Our schools programme (SAAG) is a unique free online toolkit for schools to use to provide a safe environment for pupils with allergy, including emergency treatment protocols. We know that travelling with an allergy can be challenging and our work with airlines over the last few years has investigated the service offering for people with allergy from booking to boarding. 

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It is important to Allergy UK that we can engage with all people that are affected by allergic disease

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