Campaign Launch

As the leading charity, Allergy UK has for over 30 years has provided help, support and resources for people living with allergies, as well as education resources for healthcare professionals on the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. It also lobbies politicians and decision makers for improvements in the healthcare provision for people with allergies.

As part of our April 2022 Allergy Awareness Week, Allergy UK launched our It’s Time’ campaign to help bring our mission to life, for everyone in the UK to take allergy seriously, reaching a wide range of audiences across the UK through the broadcast media, online platforms and social media with campaign themes that confront the realities of living with allergic conditions.

Our campaign reflects the most important things we have learnt about the lives of people living with allergy, from our research, from calls to our Helpline, from focus groups and from meeting members of our allergic community. It captures the reality of living with an allergic disease, and it asks the UK to take allergy seriously. We are calling for improved healthcare provision, better awareness in service industries and improved care standards in education environments for adults and children whose lives have been impacted by allergy.

How you can support the Campaign and our Mission

As we continue to move forward with this campaign, we will be asking you to join us and make your voice heard with your stories and experiences and we will be asking you to pledge your support for the first ever Patient Charter for people living with allergy which was launched in 2022.

Allergy UK has developed a charter in collaboration with patients and clinical experts which reflects the challenges that patients face in every single aspect of their lives – from accessing high quality care, wherever they live in the UK, to feeling equal in a society that dismissed their condition and disregards their needs.