Living with an Allergy

Living with allergies and maintaining your quality of life is not always easy. Everyday activities often can be challenging for people living with allergies. For many people, their house is a safe place from allergens. However, it can be difficult for people with indoor allergies such as dust mites and pet allergies to feel at ease when at home. School can be a difficult transition for both the parents and children living with allergies.

For more support and information about how Allergy UK and other organisations are working together on new recommendations for allergies in schools, select the at school page to find out more.

When you or your child has food allergies, eating out can be an anxious experience. For those of you with food allergies, Allergy UK has a page dedicated to information so that you, too, can safely enjoy eating out.

Living with allergies at home is hard enough, travelling with allergies, on the other hand, presents a whole new set of challenges. Whether you are planning a trip abroad or a staycation in the UK, our page on travelling has information and advice on how to be, prepared. Many parents or careers often experience fear, isolation and anxiety when caring for a child with an allergy.

Our support is not only for people living with allergies but also for their parents, careers and support systems.

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