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Weaning Support Pack

Our Weaning Support Pack contains a huge amount of information and advice to help parents manage weaning with allergy as safely as possible. Whether you are struggling with the practical challenges of weaning with allergy, or you need some emotional support to help cope with some of the anxiety and fear that comes with weaning a food allergic baby, our pack provides it all.

Click the link below to download the Support Pack and find a whole suite of useful resources at the bottom of this page which have been created to help you along your weaning journey.

You can download additional individual resources to help with weaning your food allergic baby from the six links at the bottom of this page.

Weaning Recipes

From banana pancakes to tomato sauce we hope there is something there to suit your baby’s taste

Weaning with food allergy - Amanda's story

We know that navigating your way through weaning when your child has an allergy is challenging. Here, Amanda shares her story.

The weaning journey is scary for any parent - even one without any history of a food allergy. Our second baby showed signs of an allergy to something in my breast milk which made me especially worried to begin weaning. This plain talking guide was a lifesaver and made me approach weaning with confidence - and the right sequencing. I've shared it with all my mum friends! 

Olivia Elliot, mum of a 3 year old and 6 month old, just starting the weaning journey