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We provide a range of information to help people who live with allergies, as well as for organisations who want to find out more about the issues that people with allergic disease face in their daily lives.

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LeafletsFood AllergyFood Labelling

Decoding Food Allergy Labelling

Whether you have recently received a food allergy diagnosis or have been managing dietary restrictions for a while, navigating the...

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FactsheetsCows Milk AllergyFood Allergy

Cow’s Milk Allergy in Adults

This factsheet has been written to help you understand more about cow’s milk allergy in adults. Information on cow’s milk...

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RecipesFactsheetsFood AllergyHalloween

More Treats No Tricks Halloween Guide

With the growing popularity of Halloween in the UK and the rising prevalence of food allergies in children, Allergy UK...

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FactsheetsFood Allergy

Reactions to Legumes

Legumes are a group of foods that belong to the Fabaceae family and include beans, lentils, pulses, peas, lupin, fenugreek,...

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FactsheetsFood Intolerance

Reactions to Alcohol

On this page: What is an allergy to alcohol? Histamine Yeasts Sulphur dioxides Additives Plant-derived allergens Alcohol avoidance

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FactsheetsChildhood Allergy


Vaccinations remain the safest way to protect against very serious infections. Speak to your GP or Nurse practitioner for further...

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FactsheetsFood AllergyTesting and Diagnosing

Oral Food Challenge

What is an oral food challenge? An oral food challenge is a validated (proven) form of allergy testing used by...

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Anaphylaxis Action Sheet

Anaphylaxis (pronounced ana- fill – axis) is a medical emergency, common causes of anaphylaxis include food, wasp/bee venom (stings) and...

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FactsheetsFood Allergy

Celery Allergy

Celery (Apium graveolens) is part of the Apiaceae family and is a common cause of pollen related food allergy (please...

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Inclusivity this Christmas

This year is the first in a few years where the magic of Christmas can be shared with family and...