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We provide a range of information to help people who live with allergies, as well as for organisations who want to find out more about the issues that people with allergic disease face in their daily lives.

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LeafletsFood AllergyFood Labelling

Decoding Food Allergy Labelling

Whether you have recently received a food allergy diagnosis or have been managing dietary restrictions for a while, navigating the...

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BooksCows Milk AllergyFood AllergyEczemaChildhood Allergy

Thrive Allergy Free

Receiving an allergy diagnosis can be overwhelming and life-changing. A new book ‘Thrive Allergy Free’ by Dr Uche Okorji-Obike offiically...

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GuidelinesCows Milk AllergyChildhood AllergyFood Allergy

Cow’s Milk Allergy Journey

Allergy UK, the leading charity for people living with all kinds of allergic conditions, has launched a new resource pack...

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FactsheetsChildhood Allergy


Vaccinations remain the safest way to protect against very serious infections. Speak to your GP or Nurse practitioner for further...

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VideosEczemaSkin AllergyChildhood Allergy

Bathing Children with Eczema

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier with a daily bath or shower is an important part of eczema care. Cleansing, using...

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VideosEczemaSkin AllergyChildhood Allergy

Emollients and Steroid Treatments

This video has been made to help parents of children with eczema understand more about emollients and steroid treatments and...

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PoliciesSchoolChildhood Allergy

Policy for Allergy at School

Developing a Model Policy for Allergy at School Around 5-8% of children in the UK live with a food allergy,...

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RecipesWeaningChildhood AllergyFood Allergy

Weaning Meal Planner

Our weaning meal planner and diary can help you track your weaning journey.

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FactsheetsFood AllergyWeaningChildhood Allergy

My Baby’s Weaning Diary

We know that being a parent isn’t easy at the best of times, so when you add a poorly baby...