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Allergy UK launches weaning information for parents

[Update 6/5/20 - Allergy UK has now launched a new Weaning Support Pack full of comprehensive and up to date advice on how to wean your food allergic child, along with a whole suite of useful tools to help you along your weaning journey. Find the pack here or head over to the weaning recipes page for some inspiration]

Allergy UK, the leading national charity for people living with allergic disease, has today released a new weaning factsheet.

This Factsheet written by Allergy UK and specialist allergy dieticians aims to provide a useful resource for parents and carers who are introducing their baby to solid foods which may be associated with food allergy. This information was highly requested by members of the public via our Helpline service and social media channels.

Allergic disease is on the rise, most dramatically in young children; with a five-fold increase in allergy prevalence of children between 0-4 years. The most common food allergies in infants are eggs, milk and peanuts (reported in 1 in 20, 1 in 40 and 1 in 40 breastfed infants respectively.)

Whilst rare, the most severe reaction to food allergy can result in anaphylaxis, so the introduction of solid foods and the risk of food allergy may be a concern for parents. This particularly applies to parents of children with early-onset eczema, who have a 30-50% risk of developing food allergy1. Expert advice on whether early diet of infants should include or avoid food allergens has varied over the years. However, recent research suggests that early exposure to allergens is the best strategy for avoiding food allergy in babies. 

Holly Shaw, Allergy UK Nurse Advisor says “The introduction of solid foods (also called weaning or complementary feeding) is both an exciting and nervous time for parents.

“Our weaning information has been developed by specialist allergy dietitians and nurses to provide best practice recommendations to help address some of the questions parents commonly have about how and when to start, the types of foods to introduce and considerations around food allergy and eczema which we hope will help guide parents to make informed decisions about weaning their baby.”

Our Weaning Factsheet, which can be accessed here forms part of a suite of information aimed at improving the lives of those living with allergy. Allergy UK Factsheets on multiple topics relating to allergic disease can be found here.

For further information on weaning you can call the Allergy UK Helpline on 01322 619 898 or email

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