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Living with Allergies: Practical Tips for All the Family

Living with Allergies

An allergy diagnosis can be overwhelming and life changing but this book brings together all the in-depth information and practical tips you need. It includes interviews with the country's leading allergy experts, advice from people living with allergies and has been endorsed by Allergy UK. Living With Allergies provides insight into each allergic condition, how to cope at different life stages and information on diagnosis, treatment and everyday management. It also includes tips the doctors don't tell you: How do you manage allergy anxiety? How do you keep your child safe at school? How can you travel abroad with allergies? This book will help you learn how to live with allergies in a proactive and positive way.

Living with Allergies Emma

Emma's new book Living With Allergies: Practical Tips For All The Family is out now. 

Emma Amoscato is a former national features journalist and has written for The Times, The Guardian and The Independent. When her young son had an analphylctic reaction in 2014 she set up her popular blog Free From Farmhouse where she helps others by sharing allergy advice, recipes and her family's experiences.

After her second child was also diagnosed with multiple allergies, she still couldn't find a comprehensive and practical book on the subject, so she decided to write one. 

Emma is passionate about empowering people with allergies and raising awareness to keep them safe and included. She regularly speaks in the media and at events including The Allergy And Free From Show, and works as a brand ambassador and consultant for the allergy industry.