You, Me and Food Allergies - An Illustrated Children's Book

Emma Amoscato’s new book “You, Me and Food Allergies”, a follow up to Living with Allergies: Practical Tips for all the Family, is an engaging and colourful guide for children living with food allergies and their families and friends.  With lovely illustrations by Helen Braid the book starts with an explanation of what allergy is in language that children can easily understand, with follow up pages on allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.

Emma’s new book You, Me and Food Allergies is out now.

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The book also covers the challenges that children with a food allergy face in their lives, including starting school and birthdays parties, as well as what actually happens when a health professional suggests a food challenge to identify what foods are safe to eat.  Perhaps most importantly, the book addresses the feelings and emotions that children experience about their allergy in an understanding and perceptive way, explaining that it’s OK to feel scared and angry at times and suggesting ways to help alleviate those feelings. There’s also information for friends and families on what they can do to help.

Anyone with a child who has a food allergy will find this book enormously helpful for their children to better understand their allergy, as well as providing reassurance and practical tips and advice. For a child living with food allergy life can be confusing and frightening.  This book recognises that and provides the essential information they need to help and reassure them. Emma has drawn on her experiences of being a mother to two children with multiple allergies to write a book which is both sensitive and engaging. Its publication comes at a time when parents are getting ready for the return to school. An extra copy for your childrens’ nursery, pre-school or school is a great idea for helping to spread allergy awareness.