Our Champions

Every campaign needs its champions, and we are delighted to welcome our first champions for the campaign – politicians who believe in our mission, as well as celebrity champions whose own lives have been impacted by allergy.

We are so privileged to have the support of politicians who have pledged to work with us  to achieve three key asks for the improvement of healthcare provision for people living with allergy:

  • A National Strategy for Allergy to address the current gaps in healthcare provision for those affected by allergies
  • The establishment of a National Clinical Lead/Director for allergy
  • An Integrated Model for Allergy in Primary Care through increased education among primary care professionals

We also look forward to having the support of celebrity champions who are helping us to bring our awareness campaigns to a wide public audience:

Natasha Coates, an elite disability gymnast and winner of 22 British titles, has lived with allergies all of her life and understands the sense of fear and isolation that allergy can bring.  We are delighted to have her as our first celebrity champion in 2022.

We thank them for their ongoing support.

Natasha Coates

Natasha Coates

An elite disability gymnast and winner of 22 British titles