Allergy UK's Patient Charter

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Allergy UK has developed a Charter for people who live with allergic disease in collaboration with patients, parents, and leading clinical experts.

The Vision of the Patient Charter:

  • Achievement of a quality standard of care for everyone with allergy throughout the UK
  • Empowerment of patients with allergic conditions to understand and manage their condition with support from informed healthcare professionals.
  • Promotion of a better awareness and understanding of allergy so that people with allergic conditions are not discriminated against in any aspect of their daily lives.

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  • The Right to a healthcare system which recognises allergy as a chronic long-term condition and provides continuity of quality care for all allergic diseases.
  • The Right to equitable access to care and treatment regardless of where I live in the UK.
  • The Right to a healthcare professional who can recognise allergic disease and make a timely diagnosis.
  • The Right to a referral to specialist care for the best possible evidence-based treatment, if appropriate.
  • The Right to timely access to scientifically proven allergy testing and diagnosis of allergic disease.
  • The Right to be involved in decision-making for the choice of treatment and care, with a person-centred approach.
  • The Right to timely transitional care for children and young people as they move into adulthood.
  • The Right to holistic care and multi-disciplinary follow ups, as appropriate, that recognises the impact of allergic disease on mental health and well-being.


  • The Right to education and training on allergic disease management, including medical devices.
  • The Right to accessible education and information about all allergic conditions.
  • The Right to clear and accurate information about living with an allergic condition.
  • The Right to be informed about new treatments, condition management and quality of life impacts.


  • The Right to live without fear of discrimination, exclusion or prejudice.
  • The Right to an education system and childcare provision that is informed, trained in allergy awareness, and can manage the healthcare needs of pupils living with allergic conditions.
  • The Right to clear and accurate information needed to make safe food choices to confidently eat in or out of the home without the fear of allergic reaction.
  • The Right to travel with confidence knowing that the needs of those living with allergy will be catered for.
  • The Right to carry the medication needed to respond to allergic reactions at all times.
  • The Right to access emergency medicines at all times and in all places.
  • The Right to live in a society that understands the lifelong impact of allergic disease.
  • The Right to live in a society that takes allergy seriously.

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