Allergy Today 2014

Allergy News – Latest Worldwide Allergy Research Findings from EAACI 2014 – Focus on IgE and Non-IgE Food Allergy in Children – Understanding Chronic Urticaria and Angioedema

Welcome to the third edition of Allergy Today. The past year has been another exciting one in the world of allergy. Recent high profile news coverage of the excellent work around peanut desensitisation at Addenbrooke’s Hospital gives us all hope that we can bring a whole new dimension of care to our patients. The media prominence of the news about such new advances on the front pages of both medical and lay publications also illustrates how much allergy has now penetrated into the mainstream of public consciousness. It is essential we build on this to ensure we secure better services for our patients. Whilst research continues to show an increasing burden of allergic disease in the UK, we have also seen positive steps in raising awareness with meetings held in Parliament, and new guidelines for milk allergy for both primary care and specialist care being published.

This issue of Allergy Today reflects the changing pattern of allergic disease in the UK with a particular focus on non-IgE-mediated presentations such as allergic gut disease and Food-Protein Induced Enterocolitis. These conditions can have an enormous impact on quality of life and a delay in diagnosis is all too common. Whilst the past few years have seen an enormous increase in awareness of the less subtle forms of food allergy, we must continue to ensure that the less obvious forms enter the minds of healthcare
professionals in primary care when they are assessing small children.