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We are committed to working with healthcare professionals in both primary and secondary care. Our simple aim is to help advance the knowledge and understanding of allergic disease that will lead to faster diagnosis and effective treatment.

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Allergy Today 2022/23: Winter

Welcome to our latest issue of Allergy Today, Winter 2022. Allergy News – Impact Report – Recruiting for Health Advisory...

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Allergy Today: Spring/Summer 2022

Allergy News – APPEAL Study – The Patient Charter – It’s Time Campaign – Allergy in Asthma – Spotlight on...

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Allergy Today: Winter 2021/22

Allergy News – Report on the National Allergy Crisis Articles on Atopic Dermatitis and the Psychosocial and physical impacts of...

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Allergy Today Magazine

Download our latest copy and previous copies of Allergy Today, written by Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare Professionals. Allergy Today covers...

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Allergy Today 2018

Allergy News • Treating Allergy in Primary Care • Food Allergy in Clinical Practice • Coping with Food Allergy in...

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Allergy Today: Spring/Summer 2019

Allergy News • Allergic Rhinitis • The Walk to School • Perioperative Anaphylaxis • Drug Allergy • Allergic Eye Disease...

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Allergy Today: Spring/Summer 2021

Allergy News – New research on the refining of pollen forecasting – New Masterclass programme 2021 – Meeting The Needs...

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Allergy Today 2016

Allergy News – How Temperature-controlled Laminar Airfl ow (TLA) Treatment Could Benefi t Patients with Severe Allergic Asthma – Exploring...

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Allergy Today 2014

Allergy News – Latest Worldwide Allergy Research Findings from EAACI 2014 – Focus on IgE and Non-IgE Food Allergy in...

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Allergy Today: Winter 2019/20

Allergy News – The Facts about Anaphylaxis – Practical Management of Atopic Eczema – Grass Pollen – Indoor Aeroallergens –...