Whole-School Allergy Awareness & Management

How effective is your school allergy policy? Complete a quick self-check on the current practice and policy on food allergies in your school. The password for this is "schools".

How prepared is your school?

This self-audit is designed to help you reflect and review some of the important aspects of managing food allergies in school. Answer each multiple choice question and once you have completed the questions, you will be able to review your responses together with relevant information about best practice and print the results if you wish.

We hope you will find this a helpful way to start to reflect on your school’s policy and practice. The results will be totally anonymous, so please do contact us if you would like any further details or have specific questions.

Please click the link above and enter the password schools when requested to do so.

Please be advised this self-audit is currently only available to Secondary Schools at this time.

Whole School Allergy Awareness & Practical Action Management Video

Soundbites of experts discussing the many key issues schools must consider when developing an effective allergy management policy.

Listen here

The European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology (EAACI) guidelines for schools emphasise development of age-specific, whole school, allergy-aware management policies- simply banning food allergens is not a risk-free solution.

Implementing policy effectively, requires:

  • whole-school awareness
  • practical action management

Through this multiagency project, we are working with schools to transform these authoritative recommendations into a user friendly format that schools can instantly access and utilise.

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