By educating the travel industry, we hope to establish a safe environment for everyone with allergies.

Travelling by air with a food allergy can present significant challenges, with a number of fear factors around how well an airline is equipped to record and cater for the needs of people with allergy, and the procedures to help them if something happens.

Allergy UK is committed to collaborating with airlines to establish a clear and consistent approach for passengers with an allergy, by providing training opportunities for airlines to better understand the needs of people living with allergies.

In 2019 we worked with Virgin Atlantic Airlines to provide ‘refresher’ training on allergy for the Virgin Atlantic medical team. The training session covered the physiology of allergy, the challenges of living with allergy, specifically the fears around travelling with an allergic condition, and anaphylaxis emergency procedures. Members of the Virgin Atlantic Medical Team attended the training day and used the opportunity to discuss procedures for managing passengers with food allergy, crew training and on board resources for dealing with anaphylaxis, with a lengthy question and answer session to review the day’s content.

Contact us at  if you are a travel company and wish to discuss future training opportunities. By educating the travel industry, we hope to establish a safe environment  and provide peace of mind for everyone with allergies when booking a trip abroad.

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