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Allergy Focus, April 2024 Edition

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SPRING IS IN THE AIR, a lovely time of year when natural life emerges from the winter months, and for those with hay fever, it often heralds the season they dread the most. This edition of Allergy Focus highlights allergies that affect the nose and lungs – or Respiratory Allergy – with particular attention paid to outdoor allergens such as grass and tree pollens.

Respiratory allergies, including allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and allergic triggers of asthma, affect millions worldwide, impacting quality of life and productivity. Students are 40% more likely to drop an exam grade from uncontrolled hay fever symptoms, a figure which rises to 70% in those taking antihistamines with a sedative effect. As healthcare professionals, it is crucial we stay informed and equipped to provide optimal care and support to our patients who are navigating these allergic conditions.

People will often require consultation, advice, treatment, and information to provide effective symptomatic management. Where patients are not well controlled by over the counter or traditional anti-allergy medication, such as prescribed antihistamines, and nasal sprays, then it’s time to consider a referral to specialist allergy services.  Treatments available through specialist allergy services include immunotherapy, may be especially useful if your patient is experiencing pollen induced asthma, as well as for severe seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Our articles this month aim to enhance your understanding and management of respiratory allergies. The expert featured content comes in the form of a conversation between a young adult and his allergist. The dynamic interaction explores the multifaceted aspects of living with respiratory allergies; from the challenges faced by young adults to the vital role of family support and professional guidance in managing these conditions effectively.

This edition of Allergy Focus also includes a comprehensive factsheet on hay fever and allergic rhinitis, providing an always useful, concise, and comprehensive overview of these common conditions. Whether you’re seeking to refresh your own knowledge or share valuable insights with patients, this resource is a valuable addition to any healthcare professional’s toolbox.

Finally with allergy in the UK continuing to rise we have launched our latest Allergy Awareness Week (22nd -28th April) with the theme #toobigtoignore. Check it out on our website and please get involved.

I hope you will find this Allergy Focus useful and insightful. Please signpost your patients to our website for much more information.

Warm regards,

Amena Warner
Head of Clinical Services, Allergy UK

A conversational guide on hay fever and asthma

An insight into the world of hay fever and asthma, presented in the form of an in-depth conversation between a teenage patient, their mother, and a GP. Written by Dr Glenis Scadding, an Honorary Consultant Physician at the Royal National ENT Hospital in London, this article dives into the subtle differences and common links of these allergic conditions.

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Hay fever and allergic rhinitis factsheet

As the seasons begin to change, so do the challenges in managing patient symptoms brought on by seasonal allergic rhinitis. In this edition, we shine a spotlight on our detailed factsheet created by our internal and external experts. This resource is designed to empower healthcare professionals with a wealth of knowledge and practical insights on the issues brought on by allergic rhinitis.

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Understanding allergic rhinitis, and asthma

This leaflet is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals aiming to enhance understanding of allergic rhinitis, and its common links with asthma. For a deeper dive into diagnosis, management, and the impact on those living with these conditions, this quick read resource is an essential reference.

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Immunotherapy factsheet

Immunotherapy stands at the forefront of advanced treatment for allergies, including respiratory allergies. With this resource, we aim to empower you with the insights needed to consider this treatment in your patient care pathways.

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Allergy Awareness Week 2024

As a condition that impacts millions of lives, we can’t continue to dismiss hay fever as a minor inconvenience. That’s why we are asking healthcare professionals, patients and friends and families to stand with us this Allergy Awareness Week because allergies are #toobigtoignore.

Get involed today

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