Allergy Focus, October 2023 Edition

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Welcome to the newest edition of Allergy Focus, an e-newsletter created exclusively for healthcare professionals by Allergy UK. In this issue, we turn our attention the beneficial form of allergy management, immunotherapy.

Many healthcare professionals will have heard about immunotherapy with advances in immunology and understanding of the immune system moving ahead at pace. However, the immunotherapy that is used in Allergy is not so well talked about or understood by the vast majority of HCPs, unless they have either specialised in the field of Allergy or have a special interest in this area.

Allergy is a chronic condition with no current cure, so management can be very challenging for those affected by allergy. Although there is much research now in this field, especially in the area of food allergy, it is just the tip of the iceberg in what needs to be done. Allergy UK’s vision is that no one should die of Allergy, but sadly we still see this. Advances in research and science mean that in some instances there can be treatments for allergic conditions that are not confined to symptomatic relief alone. These change the immunological pathway that can cause the symptoms, so over time the immune system ‘dampens down’ the response. Immunotherapy is one of these treatments, with access to this treatment improving but still not optimal, compared to rest of Europe. Allergy UK is dedicating this issue to immunotherapy to improve healthcare professionals’ knowledge on the treatment. This month’s Allergy Focus provides up to date information on immunotherapy along with how and where it can be used to improve patient outcomes.

Warm regards,

Amena Warner
Head of Clinical Services, Allergy UK

Immunotherapy in house dust mite allergic children - A patient perspective

Through this video, we hope to shed light on the lives of those who, like William, face house dust mite allergies with courage and determination and the role immunotherapy can play to help manage symptoms.

Watch William's story

Immunotherapy in children with Dr Jon Chapman

Allergy UK interviews Dr John Chapman, a Consultant Paediatric Allergist at the James Paget University Hospital, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk about the immunotherapy treatments available for children. The interview introduces readers to immunotherapy as a treatment, the different allergic diseases it can be used to treat and how and where it is administered.

Read more here

Spotlight on immunotherapy with Amena Warner

This article provides a valuable insight from Allergy UK’s Head of Clinical Services Amena Warner who shares her knowledge and expertise on immunotherapy as a specialist treatment. This article explores immunotherapy in greater depth and will give the reader a foundation for understanding more about this form of allergy treatment.

Read more here

Spotlight on immunotherapy; an Allergy UK Masterclass

Immunotherapy stands as a cornerstone in the landscape of allergy treatment, presenting a promising avenue for altering the course of allergic diseases. Recorded in November 2022, this Masterclass brings together leading experts and specialists to provide comprehensive insights into the principles, advancements, and practical applications of immunotherapy in clinical practice.

Watch here

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