Spring Allergy Awareness Week 2024

22nd - 28th April 2024

Since the first Allergy Awareness Week in 1998, our world has seen changes which have transformed how we live.  Can you imagine a world where you couldn’t google an answer to a question? Or get your weekly food shop in with a click of button? Have a face-to-face call with loved ones far afield? Answer your door to someone while miles away from home? Pay for items without having to carry cash or a credit/debit card? The list of how much our world has changed in 26 years is extensive.

Yet, what hasn’t changed very much in that time, is an attitude which fails to understand allergy as a serious disease. We still live in a world where people think hay fever is just a sniff, a food allergy is a lifestyle choice, a skin allergy just a bit of dry skin, and respiratory allergies like pet and mould allergies, are just because people are a bit sensitive.  All against the backdrop of allergies affecting more and more people.

So much so that for this Allergy Awareness Week, Allergy UK wants to highlight the sad truth that the incidence of allergies is now #toobigtoignore.

Will you support Allergy UK’s efforts this Allergy Awareness Week? Read on to find out how.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 2

    people will have an allergy by 2026.

  • #1

    reported UK health condition in 2022 was allergy.

  • 154%

    rise in hospital admissions due to anaphylaxis in 20 years.

How the rise in allergies affects everyone

Sadly, we’re top of the global allergy pops for all the wrong reasons. The UK ranks in the top three globally for the highest incidence of allergies, second for allergic eczema and shares the top spot with Sweden for the highest incidence for hay fever. The statistics on allergies in the UK make sober reading.

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What can you do?

Get involved and support Allergy UK’s Awareness Weeks with our campaign resources available to download. From sharing a post on social media, organising a fundraising event, or simply educating yourself and others about allergies, every action counts in making a positive impact. We’ve got everything you need to help make it as fun and easy as possible!

Get involved

Make a donation

Donations really do help us maintain vital services – such as our Helpline – to support those living with allergies. This Allergy Awareness Week please consider making a donation; every donation can make a difference.

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Meet our case studies

Allergies have a profound daily impact on the lives of people who are affected. Impacts, which for Sam, William and Stephen, are #toobigtoignore. Soon, with the prevalence of allergies escalating, these will be impacts most people in the UK could be experiencing. Read their stories to better understand the consequences of an allergy diagnosis.

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