To ensure that allergies are no longer #toobigtoignore, here are six ways you can make a difference:

  1. Educate friends, family, workplaces, schools on why rising allergies mean it’s now a health condition that is #toobigtoignore. Our easily downloadable campaign pack is jammed full of resources to support you to do this.  
  2. Check out our Allergy Ally Handbook, which outlines small things you can do to show your support for someone living with an allergy. 
  3. Donate to Allergy UK to help us provide the much-needed clinical services that are so difficult to access through our NHS system.
  4. Fundraise and raise awareness for Allergy UK using our all-new fundraising ideas and tools. 
  5. Write to your local MP to ask them to support the three Allergy UK General Election Manifesto calls.
  6. Support our campaign to transform allergy services at GP level so our healthcare system is prepared for the rising allergy tide. 
Allergy Awareness Week Resource Pack

Allergy Awareness Week Resource Pack

Our resource pack includes a presentation on allergy you can use in the workplace, schools, clubs or with friends, printable posters, social media cards and stickers and links to more useful patient resources too. It makes it easy to get behind Allergy Awareness Week and make a difference.

Allergy Ally Handbook

Allergy Ally Handbook

Check out our presentation which outlines why the rise in allergies affects everyone, and offers tips on how we can all be more supportive towards those who live with allergies. Created for use in workplaces, clubs, school assemblies or any setting where you want to raise awareness of allergies.

Donate to Allergy UK

Donate to Allergy UK

Never underestimate the impact of an individual donation. Every penny counts and enables us to carry out vital work, supporting the allergic community through our Helpline, campaigns, and projects.

Host your own fundraiser

Host your own fundraiser

Let our tools and ideas inspire you to host your fundraising event with friends, school mates, colleagues and family in aid of Allergy UK.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 8

    children will have a food allergy, rising from 1 in 10

  • 15%

    asthma deaths in 2014 cited hay fever as a contributor

  • 250,000

    the number of allergy patients for every allergy specialist in the UK

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