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Allergic disease can affect anyone, at any age. It can be a life-changing and, in some cases, a life-threatening condition. As the leading national charity dedicated to supporting those with allergy, we provide advice and information, offering practical solutions to help manage allergic conditions in everyday life.

Our product endorsement schemes have been developed with our mission in mind. We are proud of the relationships we have with many manufacturers across the world who work with us to help improve the wellbeing of those living with allergic disease. The income our charity receives from these schemes helps us to provide support and information for people living with allergic conditions.

Allergy Research Ltd was established in 1998 to carry out business which supports the British Allergy Foundation by donating all its profits to the charity, for the benefit of those living with allergic disease.

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Seal of Approval

Established in 1995 our Seal of Approval™ is a globally recognised product endorsement and a unique marketing tool for you to reassure consumers that your product has been independently scientifically proven to be effective at reducing/removing allergens and is endorsedby a trusted organisation which is committed to helping people affected by allergy.

What’s Involved?

  • A dedicated account manager will work with you to explain the application process and to arrange independent laboratory product testing that is right for your product
  • Scientific testing is carried out to prove efficiency in reducing/removing allergens. This includes how each product is used by a consumer.
  • All these protocols have been created by scientists and leading allergy specialists and they are unique and exclusive to Allergy Research Limited (ARL). They are based on industry methods for testing products/appliances for performance (e.g. compliant with EN/IEC/AHAM standards) and enhanced to include specific criteria relative to the removal/reduction of allergens.
  • Applications take a minimum of twelve weeks to complete. Completion time is dependent on the product and the range of tests that are necessary. Your account manager will keep you informed on progress.
  • Once your application has been approved you will be issued with a Licence Agreement which permits the use of our Seal of Approval™ logo across your international distribution network. Licence agreements are renewable annually.

Allergy Friendly Product Award

Our Allergy Friendly Product Award™ is for products which are ‘unlikely to cause a reaction’ and ‘may be of benefit’ when used by someone affected by allergy. The logo is instantly recognisable and clearly reflects its purpose. It is a highly effective marketing tool for you to use to reassure consumers that your product has been assessed by leading health care specialists and approved by a trusted organisation which is committed to helping people affected by allergy.

What’s Involved?

  • A dedicated account manager will discuss with you the way in which your product(s) may be of benefit to someone affected by allergy.
  • You will be asked for detailed information regarding the substances/composition of your product(s) and its specific benefits.
  • This information will be provided to our independent scientific or clinical consultant(s) to assess whether there is sufficient information and evidence to take your application forward. We will let you know the decision and, if you wish to go ahead, we will begin the assessment process.
  • Depending on the product(s) and evidence available, an application takes a minimum of twelve weeks to complete. Your account manager will be able to advise you on this.
  • Once your application has been approved, we will provide you with a Licence Agreement which will permit the use of our Allergy Friendly Product™ logo across your national distribution network. Licence Agreements are renewable annually.

Features and Benefits

  • The Seal of Approval and the Allergy Friendly Product Award™ logos demonstrate to your consumers that you are committed to helping people who live with allergic disease.
  • They provide you with access to a target audience which is seeking products to help improve their wellbeing.
  • They provide credibility for your products through expert scientific and clinical review.
  • You will be affiliated with the leading allergy patient charity in the UK, helping us to provide the support and information that people living with allergy need. Allergy UK has a worldwide reputation and there will be the opportunity to create further awareness of your products through working with us on bespoke projects.
  • Your product information will be displayed on Allergy UK’s website. Allergy UK’s dedicated Helpline advisors will signpost callers to products which may be of benefit for them. Your product endorsement will also be announced in our e-newsletter.

Additional Collaborations

Once your product(s) is endorsed, you have the opportunity to become one of our Corporate Partners and we can work together in other ways including:

  • Fundraising
  • Campaign sponsorship
  • Marketing campaigns

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