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Our Product Endorsements & Awards

Our Endorsed Products

To see all the products that have either our Seal of Approval or Allergy Friendly Award then click above.

Our Endorsements

Allergy UK works with manufacturers worldwide to test and promote the benefits of products and appliances which may be of benefit to people affected by allergy. The Seal of Approval is an endorsement for scientifically tested products and and the Allergy Friendly Product Award is an award for products which may be of benefit based on their formula or composition. 

All of the testing and assessment of products is carried out by Allergy Research Limited. Click here for more information about Allergy Research Limited.

Allergy UK is a leading health charity (a non-profit organisation) and have been helping people affected by allergy, sensitivity and intolerance for over 25 years now. There is no cure for allergy, so advising people about useful products which can help alleviate some of the pain and pressures associated with allergy, is part of what we do to help make lives more comfortable for people living with allergic conditions.

What Makes an Allergy UK Awarded Product Different?

Our most prestigious endorsement is the 'Seal of Approval'. All products that receive the Seal of Approval have been through scientific testing which is carried out by an independent laboratory to protocols which have been created by leading allergy specialists.

When you see a product with this logo on it, you have the reassurance the product has been scientifically tested and proven to restrict/reduce/remove allergens from the environment. The Seal is also awarded to products with significantly reduced allergen content, which have been independently clinically/dermatologically tested and proven suitable for sensitive skin.

Our Allergy Friendly Product Award is for products which ‘may be of benefit’ and are ‘unlikely to cause a reaction’. These products are reviewed based on their composition alone, i.e. reduced allergen, Fragrance free, MI free.

Why Do Companies Work with Allergy UK?

The income generated from working with companies, is fundamental to the existence of our charity and by supporting the work of Allergy UK, companies are actively working toward their corporate social responsibility goals.

Manufacturers working with Allergy UK benefit not only from the guarantee of the reliable and robust testing procedures that come with any product endorsement, but also the credibility of the company’s association with a leading charity.

For product manufacturers, an Allergy UK endorsement is an opportunity to reassure consumers that a product has been assessed by leading healthcare specialists, and approved by a trusted organisation who specialise in helping people affected by allergy.

We know that there is an increasing demand for products which can help alleviate symptoms of allergy. This is why we pride ourselves on our relationships with corporate bodies who, like us, aim to improve the quality of life for those living with this often debilitating condition.