JIMMY anti-mite vacuum cleaner

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  • JIMMY anti-mite vacuum cleaner integrates strong electric brushroll tapping and suction power,UV sterilization and 60 ℃ hot air functions, can efficiently remove the dust mites and dust mite allergen deep inside mattress and effectively eliminate mites for long time. Dust detection sensor  and LED display screen keeps tracking the mattress cleanness.
  • Strong power with patented composite brushroll, strong and fast tapping easily pick up fine dust,dust mites and dust mite allergen deep in the mattress
  • Dust detection sensor & LED display screen allow you to keep track of the surface cleanness intuitively
  • Professional LED UV sterilization can efficiently eliminate dust mites and bacteria
  • 60 ℃ hot wind let you enjoy warmth even on rainy days
  • 5L big capacity dust cup and 5m long power cord.