Electrolux Pure D9/ VX9

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The Pure D9/VX9 combines the best in vacuum cleaner technology and innovation for outstanding performance and smart versatility. Optimized airflow technology together with the large dust container provides outstanding cleaning performance for longer.

Product is equipped with HEPA filtration system, which is capable of filtering up to 99.99%* of particles as small as 0.3 microns, the size of fine dust, dust mites and allergens, to deliver cleaner output air.​

*Based on external tests of filtration of micro dust particle sizes 0.3-10 microns according to standard IEC62885-2:2021, 5.14 using standard sand/dust particles.

Product numbers/variants:

  • PD91-GREEN
  • PD91-4DB
  • PD91-4DB
  • VX9-4-ÖKOX
  • PD91-6ST
  • PD91-6IWX
  • PD91-6ST
  • PD91-6DB
  • PD92-GREEN
  • PD91-8SSM
  • VX9-4-8IBX
  • PD91-ANIMA
  • PD91-ALRG2