Avoid a Food Allergy Scare this Halloween

As part of our ‘It’s Time To Take Allergy Seriously’ campaign, Allergy UK will be focusing on the importance of being allergy aware during the forthcoming season of festivities and celebrations.

For the parents of children with food allergies, Halloween especially, can present an extra reason to be frightened. It is estimated that 1 in 12 children are affected by food allergies and a recent poll indicated that nearly 69% of parents believe more awareness is needed of the potential risks of food allergies in children. 52% of respondents would feel more comfortable with their child trick or treating if houses identified as allergy friendly and were more aware.

To encourage the public to be more allergy inclusive, a ‘More Treats No Tricks Halloween Guide’ is available online to download during Allergy Awareness Week. Check it out here and share and use its contents to ensure Halloween spooks in the right way.

Download our Halloween Pack