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Information and advice for a parent or carer of a young adult living with allergy.

Parent of an 18 to 25 year old

If they haven’t already, your young person will probably embark on their first holiday with friends. They may even be considering a gap year, or extended holiday before they go to university.  There are some key things that your young person can do, to help the embrace the excitement that comes with travelling in a way which is safe for them to do so.  Some hints and tips include

  • Taking more medication than required.  Medication should always be with them at all times. Trips like skiing or scuba diving may throw up challenges of how to carry the medication, so they will need to think about this in advance and plan ahead.
  • Packing snacks as free-from foods may be harder to find when travelling.
  • Taking wet wipes with them on journeys. These can be helpful on a plane, train etc. to wipe down the seating area.
  • When flying, they should take a letter from a GP on their allergies to help with security and carrying over 100ml medicines on flights.
  • Ordering translation cards from Allergy UK to help with the language barrier when ordering food abroad.
  • If they’re travelling and they have a skin allergy, remind them to take enough emollient.  Large quantities will need to be stored in hold luggage and with smaller sizes in hand luggage so that your young person can apply regularly during the journey.
  • Remembering that hay fever seasons differ across Europe and even across regions of the UK.

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Translation cards

Translation cards

If you or your child have a food allergy, Allergy UK can help protect you and your family when travelling abroad.

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