Parent of an 18 to 25 year old

Supporting your child’s growing plans

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Your young person is no longer a child. The years you have spent helping them to find their independence with their allergies is now coming to an end, as they enter adulthood.

It’s more than likely that they’re leaving for university, starting work or an apprenticeship, or thinking about moving out into their own home. And so, there are still some final hurdles they will be facing for the first time. They may appreciate a little guidance from you to see them through safely and confidently.

Universities and Higher Education 

For the first time, they will be cleaning, shopping, cooking and surviving alone (or with a bunch of newfound friends).



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Moving Out and Shared Living Space

Living completely independently with their allergies might leave them facing a few new challenges.

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GP and Healthcare

For the first time, your child will be completely responsible for their own medical care.

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