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At around the age of 11, your child will start secondary school, and will officially become a teenager. During these years, it’s important to have positive, open communication with the school they attend, and encourage them to take responsibility for their allergies by guiding them to make safe choices.

School and Work

Starting secondary school is a huge transition for your child. Getting to and from school may now be their own responsibility, along with navigating new school halls and making new lifelong friends. Your child might also want to get a Saturday job or take part in work experience through their school.

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Health and Wellbeing

These teenage years are notoriously hard for children and parents. Battling hormones, along with managing their condition, can impact their mental health. It’s likely that your child will also have their own mobile device. Whilst a lot of good comes from having this technology, it can also bring the risk of cyberbullying.

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How much they tell existing or new friends about their allergies should be left up to them, but make them aware that if their friends know what keeps your child safe, the risks to them are  easier to recognise and manage. There are also some things you will need to discuss with them before they experience their first kiss or enter a serious relationship.  These can be awkward and challenging conversations to have and being informed can make them easier to have.

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Socialising, Travel and Festivals

Socialising, eating out and travelling abroad and across the UK is a fantastic way to educate your child and broaden their minds. It’s important that their allergies do not prevent them from living these fun and wonderful experiences.

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Additional Resources

Speak up for allergies

Speak up for allergies

The FSA have launched a campaign to encourage young people to support friends with allergies when eating in restaurants and the important role front of house staff to provide allergen information effectively.

Allergy UK's Youth Engagement Programme

Allergy UK's Youth Engagement Programme

We know that young people have a tough time dealing with their allergies. Therefore, it is important that young people are equipped with the right tools to support them through their journey.

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