Thank You

Allergy UK would like to extend its thanks to the following supporters. These are people and companies, who have gone above and beyond to support our campaign, Judith’s Wish this Christmas. As a charity, Allergy UK relies on the kindness and generosity of its supporters and we really do wish to extend our gratitude to everyone who has helped, especially the following:

  • Judith Bousquet and family for trusting us to tell Ruben’s story
  • David Hunt and Molyneux Printers for printing 4,000 copies of Judith’s Wish and various other campaign materials free of charge
  • B&Q Sidcup for donating this evening’s Christmas Tree and church decorations
  • Military Wives Choir for singing for us at our Christmas carol concert
  • Sarah Pandolfino from Dolfinos ‘free-from’ baking for providing our mince pies and mini–Yule Logs
  • Tesco Sidcup Superstore for providing free mulled wine and soft drinks
  • Christ Church URC and Fiona for providing us with this wonderful venue and technical support at such short notice
  • Allergy UK’s Volunteers for donating their time and services
  • Allergy UK’s Communications Team