Aimmune Announces Publication of UK and Ireland Findings from the APPEAL Study

Aimmune Therapeutics UK Ltd. has announced the publication of UK and Ireland country data from the APPEAL (Allergy to Peanuts ImPacting Emotions And Life) study which has been published in PLOS ONE.

APPEAL is the largest European study to date, focused on the emotional and psychosocial impact of peanut allergy, and was created through a collaboration of allergy specialists and representatives of patient advocacy groups from eight European countries. It was conducted in two phases (APPEAL-1 and APPEAL-2) with over 300 individuals in the UK and Ireland taking part.

The APPEAL study examined the influence and psychosocial burden of living with peanut allergy experienced by allergic individuals and their caregivers. The results demonstrate the wide-ranging practical and emotional impact of peanut allergy on the lives of children, teenagers, adults, and their caregivers, and highlight a significant need to improve education, care, and management for these individuals.

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We know all too well that peanut allergy is incredibly challenging and fearful for most children and teenagers. Now, we’re also learning about the detrimental impact on parents and caregivers in the UK and Ireland, with over half in this study reporting feeling constant stress because of their child’s peanut allergy, as well as experiencing damaging effects on their relationship with their partner. The new data provides invaluable insights into both the peanut allergic individual and caregiver experience and presents a clear signpost for clinicians and policymakers to address the impact of peanut allergy, Amena Warner, Head of Clinical Services at Allergy UK, and one of the authors of the publication.