Natasha Coates

It’s hard to understate the sense of fear and isolation you can feel when living with a serious or life threatening allergy. The misunderstanding and perceptions of allergies can make everything from going out to dinner, to spending time with friends or even shopping deeply stressful and can often lead to feeling isolated and alone.

Natasha Coates is an elite disability gymnast and winner of 22 British titles.

Natasha who lives with multiple allergies is an enthusiastic supporter of Allergy UK and has often used our resources to help with her condition.  She hasn’t let allergy hold her back.  An accomplished athlete, she has won 22 British titles and 38 British medals. Her condition makes training and competing challenging however that only makes the victories that much sweeter.

Her story is unlike anyone else’s and she has a phenomenal outlook on life. Natasha is working with us to help raise awareness of the hidden psychological impact allergies have on sufferers.

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