Our Parliamentary Champions

We are proud to be supported by parliamentarians who lend their voices to advocate for our calls.

These elected officials have committed to supporting our calls to bring about positive change for people who live with allergic disease.  Our Champions utilise their platforms and legislative acumen to raise awareness, forge connections, and propel the initiatives we champion.

By collaborating with parliamentarians, Allergy UK is able to better navigate the intricacies of policymaking with greater efficacy. We are grateful for the commitment of our Parliamentary Champions in their unwavering support to Allergy UK’s mission to ensure everyone in the UK takes allergy seriously.

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Support our Patient Charter to help campaign to introduce an allergy nurse and dietitian as part of the services offered within GP practices.

Pledge your support

Read our Patient Charter

Allergy UK developed this charter in collaboration with patients and clinical experts which reflects the challenges that patients face in every single aspect of their lives.

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MP Toolkit

To help you support your constituents living with allergies, we’ve compiled a toolkit with resources on allergic conditions, information on our services including our helpline, relevant website links and further information on Allergy UK.

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It is important to Allergy UK that we can engage with all people that are affected by allergic disease

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