Allergy Today: Winter 2019/20

Allergy News – The Facts about Anaphylaxis – Practical Management of Atopic Eczema – Grass Pollen – Indoor Aeroallergens – Adult Food Allergy

At this time of year we will have completed a full review of our activities and achievements over the last financial year. Our 2018/2019 Annual Report, which you can read on our website, provides a powerful insight into our work towards our mission of improving the lives of people living with allergic disease.

As the leading patient charity in this space we are committed to raising awareness and understanding of allergic disease and the impact that it has on people’s lives. It’s good to report that, for the first time, we are seeing what we believe to be signs of positive change. Our engagement with government and policy makers, whether it is around improving food labelling, considering the challenges of allergic people travelling by air or acknowledging the effects of air quality on our allergic community has been significant over the last year and we are hopeful that legislative changes around the care of allergic pupils in school may now be on the horizon.

In this edition of Allergy Today there is news of some of the key projects we have been involved with over the last year, together with articles on a number of topics, including allergic conditions that are exacerbated by indoor air quality. We hope you will enjoy reading this Allergy Today. Finally, we want to acknowledge the huge contribution of time, knowledge and advice that Professor Adam Fox has made to Allergy UK as a Trustee over the last ten years. His counsel and support has been a significant factor in the charity’s growing influence over the decade. While Professor Fox stood down from his Allergy UK Trustee role this autumn he will, we are very glad to say, remain Chairman of the Allergy UK Health Advisory Board. We want to convey our sincere thanks for his work as one of our charity’s Trustees and our appreciation that he will still be involved with Allergy UK through his Health Advisory Board chairmanship.

We do hope you enjoy reading this issue.