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Knock, knock...Come in and take a look around our allergy house for tips and advice on managing allergens in the home. Just don't forget to wipe your feet!

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Welcome to the Allergy House. The house provides an interactive walk through experience for you to explore the home of an atopic family. Throughout your walk through, you can find useful tips on how to manage allergy hotspots in the home and you will also come across signposts to useful services and resources provided by Allergy UK.

So who lives in a house like this?

Meet the Knight family…

Mum, Shelly, has atopic eczema which she developed later in life, she keeps it under control by regularly applying emollients. Dad, John, has allergic asthma and the family work together to keep airborne allergens under control by following Allergy UK’s useful tips and by using products which hold Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval and Allergy Friendly Product Award.

Shelly and John’s 11 year old daughter, Edie, has a severe allergy to peanut among other food allergies, her school have voluntarily completed Allergy UK’s SAAG (School Allergy Action Group) programme and now feel more confident in their ability to safely care for Edie, and feel they are better prepared if Edie was to have an anaphylactic reaction. Little Bobby is just 7 months old and has a confirmed cow’s milk allergy. Shelly has begun to wean Bobby onto solid foods and is very conscious of other food allergies arising, so is tracking symptoms closely using the Allergy UK food and symptoms diary.

The family go abroad once a year and rely on Allergy UK’s translation cards to keep them safe when eating out. They’re signed up to our Allergy Alerts subscription service to make sure they know if a product has been contaminated or mislabelled. They also contact our Helpline whenever they need information or support. This year, super Shelly completed the Brighton Marathon for Allergy UK and raised over £2000!

So, come on in, take a look around and see how you can improve your allergies in the home.

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