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Adrenaline Auto-Injectors

Adrenaline auto-injector devices ('adrenaline pens') are medical devices which deliver a single dose of adrenaline (epinephrine). They have been designed to be easily administered to a person who is having a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). 

If you have been prescribed an adrenaline auto-injector, carry it with you at all times. Your GP, or Allergy Service should discuss how to manage an allergic reaction, including how and when to use the adrenaline auto-injector device. Your family, friends, teachers and colleagues should also know how and when to give your adrenaline, in case you become unable to give it yourself.

A number of different devices are available in the UK, and they all deliver the same medicine, in one of two doses (a paediatric dose for younger children and an adult dose for older children and adults). They are available on prescription from your GP or specialist.


A second dose may be required
Shelf life – 18 months
Storage conditions – do not store above 25ᵒC and do not refrigerate or freeze

MEDA Pharmaceuticals Ltd
www.epipen.co.uk - Tel: 0845 4600000

To watch an animated video of how to use an Epi-pen go to http://www.epipen.co.uk/patient/what-is-epipen/using-your-epipen/#prettyPhoto


Available as:
Jext 300mcg (licensed for 30kg+)
Jext 150mcg (licensed for 15kg-30kg)
Shelf Life – maximum of 24 months from the date of manufacturer
Storage conditions – do not freeze: needle shield extends after use
ALK-Abello UK

www.jext.co.uk  Tel: 0118 903 7940

To watch a video on how to use Jext go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjgbwmQy2r8

Remember – if you need one, you need two. You should always have a spare in case you need a second dose, or in case the first one fails to work.

Always keep your pens with you and always call an ambulance if you have used your adrenaline pen.



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