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A free service developed along with our other allergy resources to support parents looking for help.

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One of our Helpline advisors will be in touch via the contact details provided to discuss available appointment dates and next steps. You can contact our Helpline by calling us on 01322 619898. Opening hours and available services can be found here.

In the meantime you can find out more about our vital dietetic service below.

Did you know…

As of November 2023, Allergy UK’s Dietitian Service has supported over 1,700 families with allergic children.

With gratefully received funding from Nutricia, we are able to provide support in the following areas.

  1. Expert guidance: Our dietitians are experienced professionals and offer tailored advice based on individual needs and health conditions.
  2. Education and support: The service includes educational materials to aid with further support to help parents and carers understand the dietary restrictions of their child, make informed food choices, and manage their condition effectively.
  3. Communication with your child’s GP: Our dietitians work transparently with your child’s GP by sharing reports and recommendations to ensure comprehensive support and integration of dietary strategies.
  4. Empowerment: Our goal is to also empower parents in navigating the dietary needs of their child confidently, improving quality of life while managing their allergies or intolerances effectively.

Cow's Milk Allergy

Symptoms of a cow’s milk allergy often start in the early weeks and months of life. There are many possible symptoms which may suggest your baby has a cow’s milk allergy.

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Weaning Your Child

We know that being a parent isn’t easy at the best of times, so when you add a poorly baby with suspected allergy into the mix, we understand that family life can become complex and emotionally challenging.

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Living with a Food Allergy

Allergies in children can be distressing for both the child and the parent. We understand that parents are concerned about protecting their children against allergen triggers and serious allergic reactions. 

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Childhood Eczema

Eczema (also called atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis) is a very common non-contagious dry skin condition affecting approx. 1in 5 babies and children in the UK.

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Amazing, I’ve since had the confidence to challenge the GP for referral which we now have gotten. We also challenged the peanut allergy and have since reintroduced it in to her diet with advice from the hospital as recommended by the dietitian.

Amazing service. The booking process was easy, the experience on the call was great and the follow up was really detailed. Absolutely transformed my experience with weaning my allergy baby, giving me the confidence to introduce allergens and filled in the gaps ahead of NHS dietitian appointment, which won’t be for a couple of months. Thank you.

I felt really listened too and the support and advised I received so beyond expectation. I cannot thank allergy UK and the dietitian enough.

Such an amazing service! The most useful interaction I have had with a health care professional about my daughters allergy and plans moving forward! Thankyou so much

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