Waxed Mini Duster & Waxed Floor Duster

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Waxed Mini Duster

Our waxed mini dusters are made from 100% cotton and are infused with wax, which ensures that dust and pet hair clings to the fibres while you clean. The duster is designed to remove dust and dander, not just move it .

When finished dusting, simply shake the duster outside, with suitable hand and face protection, or use your vacuum hose to remove the excess dust. The duster can be hand washed in a lukewarm water and light detergent, allow to air dry.

Waxed Floor Duster

Our 100% cotton head floor duster is infused with wax to ensure that dust and pet hair clings to the fibres. The duster comes with a twist & lock adjustable handle that extends to 150cm, with an ergonomic grip. The duster head is 46cm-60cm, allowing you to remove dust and pet dander from your floor quickly and efficiently.

For best results, simply dust floor with a pushing motion. Once finished, shake head outside, with suitable hand and face protection, or use your vacuum hose to clean. The head is washable in lukewarm water, and replacement heads are also available.

How has the Seal of Approval/Allergy Friendly Product award positively impacted your business?

The receipt of the UK Allergy Friendly Product Award has been a major milestone in establishing our waxed floor dusters as a premium allergy-friendly cleaning product.

What is the main benefit of having the Allergy UK product endorsement?

Our customers can see that the efforts that Home Valet have gone to make a superior quality allergy-friendly product.

What did you appreciate most about working together with Allergy UK?

We most appreciate a recognised body that will highlight the requirements for allergy-friendly products.