Vaporetto Steam Cleaner Range

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Vaporetto is a steam cleaner which sanitises and does away with dust mites. It cleans with the strength of steam alone, eliminating inhalation and contact with chemical cleaning products. The benefits are that Vaporetto has been proven to kill household dust mites and denature the allergens they produce.

Endorsed Model No’s:
Vaporetto 2400
Vaporetto 1500
Vaporetto Pocket
Vaporetto 950
Vaporetto Flash
Vaporetto 2085
Vaporetto Evolution
Vaporetto Edition
Vaporetto Comfort
Vaporetto Go
Vaporetto X Steam
Vaporetto Daily
Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000
Vaporetto Prestige
Forever Express
Forever Exclusive
Forever 2010
Vaporetto Handy
Vaporetto EcoPower
Vaporetto Airplus
Vaporetto Pure
Vaporetto One
Vaporetto Pocket 2.0
Vaporetto PRO 90_TURBO
Vaporetto PRO 80
Vaporetto PRO 70
Vaporetto ECO PRO 3.0
Vaporetto Classic 65
Vaporetto Classic 55
Vaporetto Smart 45
Vaporetto Smart 30_R
Vaporetto Smart 30_S
Vaporetto Smart Airplus
Vaporetto Handy Pure
Vaporetto Handy 25_PLUS
Vaporetto Handy 20
Vaporetto Handy 15
Vaporetto Smart Mop
Vaporetto PRO 95_Turbo Flexi
Vaporetto PRO 85_Flexi