UV sterilized anti-mite vacuum cleaner

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This anti-mite vacuum cleaner is designed to remove dust mite and dust mite allergen from bed, sofa and mattress.

It is with an electric brushroll and UV-C light. The electric brushroll taps out dust mite and dust mite allergen from bed through strong tapping. The UV-C light kills bacteria when the machine moves.

  1. 350W strong power
  2. UV-C LED kills 99.9% bacteria
  3. Composite brushroll taps powerfully and to remove dust mite in deep of mattress.
  4. Rubber strips, protect fabric surface
  5. Cyclonic filtration, less clog on filter and suction keeps strong.

Model numbners:

Jimmy Bed Cleaner Model No: VC-B302

Model Range: 

B302 Pro

WB32 Pro



B3 Pro