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THOMAS AQUA+ Technology: The perfect solution for allergy sufferers

The technically sophisticated water filter system binds dirt, pet hair, fine dust, allergens and pollen safely and odeurlessly in the AQUA+ filter box. This box is a water tank filled with 1 l of tap water, which prevents allergy triggers from escaping back into the air. PLUS for allergy sufferers: easy and hygienic disposal of allergens with the dirt water, 100% retention of pollen, noticeably refreshed room air after vacuum cleaning.

If you’re a pet lover and like your home to be hygienically clean or if you depend on perfectly pure air due to allergies – the THOMAS AQUA+ PET & FAMILY is exactly the right vacuum cleaner for you.

Special features of THOMAS AQUA+ PET & FAMILY:

  • The 1.700 Watt max.* motor power removes dirt from carpets, hard floors and upholstery thoroughly and powerful thanks to a high-performance bypass motor
    (*Wet vacuum cleaners and combined wet and dry vacuum cleaners are exempt from the energy label)
  • HEPA 13 filter, washable
  • Dry vacuum cleaning with AQUA+ filter system, perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Wet vacuum cleaning with special spray pressure system, cleaning of carpets and hard floor – all in one appliance
  • Quick and thorough removal of stains, pet hair and dirt traces
  • Liquids can be sucked up easily thanks to its wet and dry functions
  • 100% retention of pollen and noticeably fresh room air with our water filtration
  • Equipped for all cleaning tasks with special nozzles included: switchable pet hair carpet nozzle, turbo brush, pet hair upholstery nozzle (180 mm wide), crevice nozzle (360 mm long), spray extraction carpet nozzle with hard floor adapter, spray extraction upholstery nozzle

How the AQUA+ filter system works:

  • The sucked up air is humidified by a water shower in the ejector.
  • Subsequently the wetted dust particles, dust mites, pollen and other allergens are bound in the water of the AQUA+filter box.
  • Clean and fresh air exhausts back into the room.

Some details about the spray extraction system:

  • Water with THOMAS ProTex cleaning solution is sprayed with pressure deeply into the carpet.
  • Thereby it dissolves and washes dirt out of the fibres.
  • At the same time it powerfully vacuums off the dirt water and straightens up the carpet pile again – no soaked wet carpets after cleaning
  • Everything in a single workstep!


The THOMAS AQUA+ PET & FAMILY is built entirely in Germany. Customers can rely on maximum function and quality.

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Technology / Performance Characteristics
Guarantee: 2 years plus 6 months free extension on product registration
Voltage: 230 Volt
Fuse protection: 16 Ampere
Motor power Watt: 1.700 Watt max.
Fresh water tank: approx. 1.8 l
Dirt water tank: approx. 2.6 l
Cable length: 8 m
Operating range: 11 m
Number of wheels: 2 easy-drive 360° pivoting wheels (front), 2 large wheels (back)

Suction hose with comfort pipe bends
External spraying hose
Telescopic stainless steel tube
Soft touch function switch
Power saving ECO mode
Stepless 3 stage electronic suction power control
Suction output mech. regulatable
Carry handle
Accessories “on board”
2 parking positions
Automatic cable winding
THOMAS ProTex concentrate for carpet cleaning

Filter system
AQUA+ filter system
HEPA 13 filter, washable
MICRO exhaust air filter
Dust bag for intermediate dry vacuuming

Dimensions & Weights Device
Length: 486 mm
Width: 318 mm
Height: 306 mm
Weight: 8.2 kg

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