Samsung Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer

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Save time & energy with fast start drying

Begin drying quickly and effectively regardless of the external temperature, while saving money* and protecting the environment. The Hybrid Heatpump has an electric heater that preheats the air to the optimal drying temperature (60°C), so it starts drying faster. Its Inverter Heatpump then efficiently maintains the best temperature by using ‘refrigerant’ instead of electricity to heat the air and recycles warm air to avoid wasting energy.

Dry more at once

Fit more clothes into your dryer, so everything is ready in fewer loads – saving you considerable time and effort. A huge 16kg capacity means you can dry many more laundry items at once. It can hold really large items, like a super king-sized comforter. Or you can include almost 3 laundry baskets full of clothes* at once!  So you can complete all of your daily laundry much more quickly and enjoy more time for yourself.

Intelligently dries

Optimize your drying performance effortlessly! Optimal Dry uses 9 sensors to achieve the best results. It monitors the humidity and adjusts the drying time, so laundry is ready quickly and using minimal energy. It also stops clothes from being damaged. And it reminds you to clean the Heat Exchanger.

Keep drying like new

Keep the clothes dryer working like new. The Heat Exchanger’s easy clean design lets you quickly remove any trapped dust. You can easily access it at the bottom of the front panel, and remove any dust by opening a cap. So you can maintain the optimum drying performance, just like its first use.

Model Range:


DV16T9720SE, DV16T9720SV, DV16T9720SP, DV16T8740SE

DV16T8740BV, DV16T8740BP, DV16T8740BW, DV16T8520BV

DV16T8520BP, DV16T8520BW, DV16R8520KP, DV16R8540KP

DV16R8540KV, DV16R8540KW


DV14T8520BV, DV14T8520BP, DV14T8520BW, DV14R8520KP

DV14R8520KW, DV14R8540KP, DV14R8540KV