Panasonic Air Purifier (with composite filters)

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The multi-filtration process of Panasonic air purifier is empowered by its Composite Air Filter. The filter not only can capture tiny particles efficiently, it also consists of 3 kinds of technology, Super alleru-buster, Green Tea Catechin and Anti-bacteria Enzyme. It can inhibit allergen and bacteria effectively.

Besides, Panasonic air purifier equipped with nanoe device can release OH radicals in water molecules which increase the effectiveness of anti-bacteria and deodorization.

Panasonic air purifiers are being developed in 5 major concepts:

  • Active Attack – adopts the unique cutting-edge nanoe technology to protect your health with anti-bacteria features and maintain your beauty by skin hydration
  • Efficient Capture – maintains a clean environment by removing dust particles and inhibiting pollutants with Composite Air Filter
  • Smart Sensing – adjusts fan speed and mode operation subject to different air condition detected by the sensors
  • Powerful Collection – purifies the space near the floor where children usually play around by strong suction power of Mega Catcher or House Dust Catcher
  • Energy Saving – ECONAVI feature minimizes unnecessary operation by monitoring daily activities and memorizing the timeline of the pollution level with the intelligent technology

Endorsed Models & Availability:
F-VXF70R Humidifying Air Purifier – CIS
F-PXH55M Air Purifier – Asia,Middle East
F-PXH55H Air Purifier – Asia
F-PXH55W Air Purifier – Asia
F-VXH50A Humidifying Air Purifier – Asia
F-VXH50H Humidifying Air Purifier – Asia
F-VXH50M Humidifying Air Purifier – Middle East
F-VXH50R Humidifying Air Purifier – CIS
F-VXH50W Humidifying Air Purifier – Asia
F-VXF35A Humidifying Air Purifier – Asia
F-VXF35M Humidifying Air Purifier – Asia,Middle East
F-VXF35H Humidifying Air Purifier – Asia
F-VXF35R Humidifying Air Purifier – CIS
F-VXF35W Humidifying Air Purifier – Asia
F-PXF35A Air Purifier – Asia
F-PXF35X Air Purifier – Asia
F-PXL35H Air Purifier – Asia
F-PXF35W Air Purifier – Asia
F-PXF35M Air Purifier – Asia, Middle East
F-PXJ30A Air Purifier – Asia
F-PXJ30M Air Purifier – Asia,Middle East
F-PXJ30H Air Purifier – Asia
F-PXJ30W Air Purifier – Asia
F-PBJ30A Air Purifier – Asia
F-PBJ30M Air Purifier – Middle East,Asia
F-VDM35A Humidifying Air Purifier – Asia
F-PXF35C Air Purifier – China
F-VXG70C Humidifying Air Purifier – China
F-VXM90C Humidifying Air Purifier – China
F-PXM70C Air Purifier – China
F-PDM60C Air Purifier – China
F-71C6PD Air Purifier – China
F-V1550C Humidifying Air Purifier – China
F-P0535C Air Purifier – China
F-P16X8C-ES Air Purifier – China
F-P36X8C-ES Air Purifier – China
F-V1670C-ES Humidifying Air Purifier – China
F-P1660C-ES Air Purifier – China
F-V1640C-ES Humidifying Air Purifier – China