Micro-Fresh 2611

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Micro-Fresh® is the global, trusted freshness brand which prevents bacteria and odours in products, keeping them fresher for longer. Micro-Fresh® is anti-allergy and anti-dust mite, tested and proven.

For the last 15 years, Micro-Fresh® has helped millions of people enjoy that fresh-from-the-factory product experience for longer. Find Micro-Fresh® in a range of homeware and babywear such as bedding, baby bedding and towels, protecting the most sensitive of skins and preventing dust mites from harbouring. Micro-Fresh® technology has been rigorously tested and proven effective on products after 50 washes.

Where can I find products with Micro-Fresh®?

Micro-Fresh® supports living a fresher lifestyle, which is why we are partnered with well-known retailers such as Next, Dunelm and John Lewis. Find our logo on the packaging of the product. If shopping online, find our logo on the product page or simply type ‘Micro-Fresh’ in the search engine on the retailer’s website.

Durable hygiene finish for natural and synthetic fibres providing antimicrobial protection.