LG Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner (Cordzero A9 Kompressor)

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Powerful Suction for a Deep Clean

The combination of the Smart Inverter Motor™ and the Axial Turbo Cyclone, that separates dirt and dust, help to deliver powerful, long-lasting suction.

Delivering Powerful, Durable Cleaning Technology

The Smart Inverter motor is a brushless design with minimal mechanical friction during operation. This improves the durability of the motor enabling LG to offer a 10 year parts warranty on the motor.

Compress Dust and Hair in the Bin, So You Empty Less Often

The LG KOMPRESSOR™ technology saves you time by compressing dust and hair collected in the bin. With the compaction of dust and hair (by up to 2.4 times the uncompressed capacity*) you need to clean out the bin less often. When it is time to empty, the Kompressor lever is simply pushed down with the door open to clear the contents.

Clean and Charge at the Same Time

With the two included interchangeable batteries, you can clean and charge at the same time. Battery run time up to 120 minutes.

Clean Your Floors and Capture Fine Dust Particles With the 5-Step Filtration System with HEPA Filter.

The 5 step filtration system helps to capture 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns in size from household surfaces.

LG A9 Kompressor Stick Vacuum Cleaner

S98******* Korea                                       VS98******* Global

1st * : Color code                                                       1st and 2nd * : Color code

2nd * : Main Nozzle                                                   3rd * : Main Nozzle

3rd * : Mini Nozzle                                                     4th * : Mini Nozzle

4th * : Battery                                                             5th * : Battery

5th * : Exhaust Filter                                                  6th * : Exhaust Filter

6th * : Accessory                                                          7th * : Accessory

7th * : Marketing information


S9******** Korean Domestic and Global

1st * : 8 = A9 Komp, 9 = A9 Komp. Plus, J = A9 Komp. Plus Objet

2nd * : Color code

3rd * : Main Nozzle

4th * : Mini Nozzle

5th * : Charging Station

6th * : Battery

7th * : Exhaust Filter

8th * : Marketing Information