Coway Air purifier

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An architecture-inspired, premium design is used in the Noble Air Purifier. A 360-degree suction/discharge system with no space constraints is used, and the top plate can be redirected to suit the users’ needs. The patented 4-way multi-dimensional filter system has implemented strong cleaning performance by applying an ultra-fine dust collection filter, deodorization filter, and environment-specific air matching filter.

The ultra-fine dust collection filter containing antibacterial copper is excellent for removing bacteria and viruses. The intensive UV sterilization care function is applied to fans and air paths.


Size (mm) : 420 x 420 x 1,580

Weight (kg) : 28


Size (mm) : 320 x 320 x 805

Weight (kg) : 15


Size (mm) : 320 x 320 x 757

Weight (kg) : 14.5

  1. Foldable filter multi-dimensional cleaning system: The innovative filter structure enables 360-degree suction for maximum cleaning capability. As each side of the filter can be hinged to change its shape, it minimizes volume during storage and shipping, making it convenient compared to other cylindrical filters. The easy sliding system is used for simple replacement and performance stability. With Coway’s unique technology, a number of patent applications have been filed, and the first patent was obtained in 2015.
  2. Optimal circulation care function: The circulation function is implemented by scientifically analyzing air flow through industrial-academic verification at Yonsei University. The discharge moving structure evenly discharges the air in 360-degrees, with the application of front and rear function depending on user needs. The optimal air circulation care technology, with the application of MyPet mode specific to pet owners, effectively removes floor dust and floating animal hair.
  3. Optimal filter system: Superior antimicrobial performance over products from other companies by applying a copper antimicrobial dust collection filter; UVC function for fan and water path sterilization; multi-cube deodorizing filter for strong deodorization; eco-friendly biodegradable prefilter for improved convenience; application of a certified air matching filter; and optimal air care to meet the user’s environment