Support Judith’s Wish this Easter

Four years ago, this April, Judith Bousquet tragically lost her beloved son, Ruben, to a serious allergic reaction to cross-contaminated popcorn.

Judith’s Wish is for no other family to experience what her family has been through. For better testing and better labelling of food products. For allergies to be taken seriously.

Your support can help make this wish come true for the millions living with food allergy, and will provide a lifeline of support for people like Ruben.

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Judith and Ruben's Story

It was just another ordinary day when we lost Ruben due to anaphylaxis. He was just 14 years old. My wish is for no other family to go through what we have gone through. We live with the loss of Ruben every day, and we don’t want another family to experience the pain of losing a child who has allergies.

Spring into action and challenge yourself this Easter. Here are some ways you can support Judith’s Wish:

Click here to find out more information about Judith’s Wish and ways you can support the campaign.